Thursday, 2 April 2009

Pizza - so why not education?

In Notting Hill recently I passed a just great eye catching and innovative window display for an Italian food shop. The pizza it was selling was promoted balanced in a car window (or half a car anyway). I just thought it was a great idea.

It was so different and frankly, exciting - everyone was looking at it. It got me thinking, as lots of people passing looked and commented... if we can sell pizza in a window why can't we promote the very special skills of our young people in their community, their ability, the work that they do and the specific unique skills that they have.

Schools do celebrate students inside schools but it is still quite a secret affair - this celebration rarely ventures outside. (In fairness websites have really helped). But.... we really should be promoting them in the community as well.

The name of this rather clever forward thinking shop is below. (the pizza was fab as well!)

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