Thursday, 2 April 2009

Storage - why don't people listen??

Any teacher will tell you storage is always an issue - we rarely build enough of it in our schools they say.

Schools all over the world are turning to storage containers to help ease the load. I did it myself both as a Head and at an authority level. From the Cayman Islands through to schools all over the place I see containers being deployed. One school I visited recently had 18 containers! This is hardly a 21st century ennvironment. It's bonkers when you think about it.

Teachers need just loads of space.... or do we????

Teachers tend to be the greatest hoarders of all time saving 'stuff that may come in useful one day' or 'it may come back on the syllabus'... One teacher said to a colleague recently "What am I going to do with my 29 filing cabinets? No one can use 29 filing cabinets I'm sorry! A large number of teachers I know always say they need more then they actually do.

With more and more resources on line or on VLE's etc, with more students having wireless devices and laptops, we maybe should actually need less stuff and this should reduce further as the use of these develop.

What we WILL always need storage for is the 'big stuff, the furniture, design tech resources etc..
Special schools will always have expensive specialist kit that is not needed for one year but then is.. Where do they keep it?

If we know all this -then why can't we get it right and why are we keeping the container rental companies in business!

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