Thursday, 7 May 2009

Have you tried......

Everyone else has probably heard of, tried and uses but I hadn't until very recently. Simply drop in a piece of text or just a blog link, click and a word graphic appears featuring the key words. As long as it is not overused (always a danger), it may be useful for project and display work. The example shown was created using a link to this blog.

I'd often seen this type of graphic, but had just just not realised that there was software for it. Obvious really!

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Anonymous said...

Many new names for "old"ideas- but I love it! I have done this sort of activity with my students, however being able to include grpahics and use technology, far more exciting than my paper and markers! Antyhing that supports the use of our students minds and gets them to expand their thinking beyond their comfort zone must be tried! Thank you!