Friday, 1 May 2009

Riding to school - Dutch style

One of three cycle parks in this school
Visiting schools in the Netherlands last week, I was again reminded just what a cycling country it is. Valuas College in Venlo, with over two and a half thousand staff and students, has over two thousand cycles being ridden to it each day. As a result of course, many students are pretty fit.

The difference, of course, is that cycling is part of the Dutch culture. This means that the whole infrastructure supports safe cycling, wonderful cycle lanes well away from traffic, their own lights, crossings and so on. It is built into the whole town planning culture. No wonder so many cycle.

No way would I ride a bike through the crowded congested streets near where I live in the U.K. Now if we could incorporate this kind of infrastructure as we plan new schools in this country.........!

If I lived in the Netherlands, maybe I would cycle as well.
Student fun in personalising their bikes

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