Thursday, 25 June 2009


Different day, different city. Spotted today in a Liverpool taxi - is this what they mean by handsfree?

Nothing educational, no philosophy - just a sight that just amused me. And as for the ring tones... the dedicated one for his wife resembled an emergency klaxon with a shouted message "Alert alert alert, it's the wife".

Three times she phoned during our journey... he never did answer it!


Anonymous said...

Reading through some of your earlier,blogs on Centres for Learning in Knowsley. Came across a comment from someone wanting to know about applying for jobs there. Well the words touch and bargepole come to mind.

Gareth Long said...

This is one view, but as you have read there are people who are really interested in learning more.

There is considerable international interest in these new Centres for Learning. Just last week they won another two national awards for design and innovation to join the many others they have aready won.

With time and confidence the potential is enormous.


Anonymous said...

The preparation for starting in these Centres for Learning is a joke.
The whole idea seemed great 2 years ago but now it is preparation to go into just another 'school'. Why? Well, lack of thought on several peoples part. Teachers want to make these places work. Fact. But you cannot do two jobs at once. Either you train me up or leave me alone to get on with my present job. I need proper cover, not bits and pieces, to be able to concentrate on changing my own ingrained teaching ideas.
What awards have they won?

Anonymous said... blobby award c/o crinkly bottom!