Monday, 15 June 2009

Learning environments don't have to just be on a field..

Working with my friend Professor Heppell in the south of England last week, we ended up looking at potential sites for new 21st century learning environments. It is amazing how many people think it has to be a field or similar site. Where is everyone's imagination?

When shown a potenial site that was anything but a field, more of a set from Doctor Who,, and then supported it with some really exciting concept graphics, people got really REALLY enthused. I am not surprised really - they were great! (Although the photo below does not show it, the site did also allow for all the facilities that would be needed, including outdoor spaces for sport, socialising etc)

Learning should be exciting, interesting and challenging..... the environment really does make a difference - and the location of that environment can play a major part in creating a truely memorable learning experience, not just for young learners but also the whole community.

Isn't that what we are trying to achieve?


Anonymous said...

who are these people?

Anonymous said...

An earlier blog was about Haleswood , Knowsley. I passed through recently when there was a single year group of about 180 children visiting (no I cannot call them clients). I was trying to imagine what the building would look like with another 1000 children in the building , and I couldn't. They would have to be everywhere. I think they would have to be in every single corner, on every balcony and stuffed into cupboards. I am really pleased I will not be teaching in there. The building is impressive, pity about the lack of spatial awareness by somebody sat in an office somewhere, some time ago. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I dont get this one. Are you saying we should build on green, brown, exhisting school sites, city, country or what?
You are correct, learning should be exciting, interesting and challenging. The environment does make a difference.
Some kids have no option about where they live. So, yes, we want to make the best for them wherever that is.
Explain this one a bit more, please.

Gareth Long said...

Sorry for the delay - three replies in one:

Re: People: Prof Heppell and other senior staff representing a range of authorities

Space in Knowlsey. All the Centres of Learning are built to the space guidelines of Building Bulletin 98 which defines how much space schools can have depending on student population etc. The spaces are great but really do emphasis how much space corridors and the like take up. There is much more useable space in these Centres.

Site: All I am saying is that those selecting sites for education facilities should be encouraged to look outside of the box. Many will still be built on the usual sites of school fields or on brownfield sites but when the chance arises to consider ther spaecs and where they could meet the needs of the commnuity lets jump at the opportunity. In this case people were saying well you can't biuold it in that partciular location as in the photograph - the answer is, if it is still affordable, why not?