Thursday, 11 June 2009

A Monster Reception

Walking into a office block with a colleague this week in the north of England, we were amazed to see this larger than life figure in the Reception area. (sorry about the slightly blurry photo!)

So many people keep talking about the reception areas being really welcoming places - which I agree is just so important. However this figure additionally created a major focal and discussion point and made it a really interesting place to be, as well as being welcoming.

When students do create large sculptures or pieces of course work which are then displayed they frequently cause much discussion and many positive comments. Unfortunately we still don't often for go for large scale projects anywhere near enough. Even if we do, how often do we share them with the wider community?

One of the best large scale school reception displays I have ever seen was one students textiles exhibition at a school in Hampshire. Large exaggerated and incredibly dramatic costume dresses became a massive talking point all around the local district. This student work became really celebrated with community members visiting the school just to see them. Unfortunately it was also in the days before I carried a camera everywhere.

Now - if the figure above had been designed and made by a student - what a fab piece of sculpture that would be in a school reception!


Anonymous said...

Problems with class control and unruly pupils.....Try our new staff uniform!

Coming to a Centre of Learning near you!!

*weapons fully functional and optional

**the centre for learning will not be held responsible....blah, blah, blah!!

Anonymous said...
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Gareth Long said...

You have to admit is is different!


Anonymous said...

Different is good