Sunday, 26 July 2009

Still excited by BSF

Presenting the key note presentation to the Yorkshire and Humber Grid for Learning Conference with a colleague recently, we focused on innovative learning environments and the role of integrated ICT.
The reception and interest was high and delegates were literally saying how excited they were with the opportunities that BSF would bring their respective regions. they are right to be so excited - if done properly, the potential for students and staff is great!
The key, of course, is to learn from all those projects that are already underway and incorporate lessons learnt into their own submissions and planning. There was considerable agreement when I really stressed the critical importance of the early implementation of an education transformation programme. This is something that even now, amazingly, not everyone is doing.
I really enjoy speaking at events like this - the reaction, interest and feedback we receive is always interesting and helps form my views and opinions. It was exciting to see so many engaged with making learning opportunities better for students and wanting ot learn from others. Just great really!

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