Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Talking Learning and Teaching

Members of the 'expert' panel to the BCSE Great Schools Enquiry

I was flattered to be invited to contribute as a 'witness' to the Teaching and Learning Expert Seminar yesterday in Birminghame as part of the BCSE Great Schools Enquiry. Chaired by Baroness Estelle Morris, every effort is being made as to identify what makes a great school and at the end make appropriate recommendations.

A panel of just ten of us, representing a number of backgrounds, responded and shared views on issues about learning and teaching, great schools and the impact of environments, in the session cleverly chaired by Jenny Thomas of BCSE.

Whilst I deal with these sort of issues regularly, it was really refreshing to be able to just sit and share/discuss views in a totally professional dedicated format for a long period of time. Having the time to do this really makes a change from a really busy life and was one of the best professional discussions I have taken part in for ages.

A number of panels are taking place around the country. There are also other sessions taking place as a public event. All the evidence will contribute to the larger enquiry. For more information visit the BCSE

Lots of people have lots to say. With real evidence presented, this could be a really powerful enquiry. Many have have high regard for Estelle Morris - I look forward to the final report which is due, I believe, very early next year.

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