Saturday, 8 August 2009

Old friends - new opportunities

Trung Le of oWp/p
It was great this week to meet up with old colleagues Rick Dewar and Trung Le from international architectural firm oWp/p which is based in Chicago. We have worked together for several years on a couple of projects, primarily the fantastic new schools in the Cayman Islands, but also briefly I was involved in events leading to their new book "The Third Teacher". (See earlier post). Although now launched in the States, "The Third Teacher" will not be officially launched in the UK until the major BCSE World Conference event to be held in Knowsley in November..
Over here on business, I always meet up with them so we can catch up with what we are all doing and explore ways in which we can work together again in the future. We did make a good team. I look forward to meeting up in Washington in September and again in Knowsley in November.
I have been lucky to work with some very talented people - these guys are amongst the best in the business. I am so pleased to also be able to call them really good friends who I do keep in contact with.
Risk Dewar, Principal, oWp/p, in a rather hazy photograph taken on a phone camera


Anonymous said...

Which bit of Knowsley will you be in?

Gareth Long said...

BCSE (British Council for School Environments) are running their two day World Learning Environments Conference in Knowsley in November. I am pretty certain it will be based in LC8 (?) - Halewood Centre for Learning.

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