Monday, 17 August 2009

Playfulness, fun and creativity

Visiting an artist friends house this weekend, I was really taken by her totally quirky garden. Beautiful flowers, grass and all the usual stuff, but everywhere you looked there were surprises, from mini statues to animals to pieces of art work.

Designed for children, it really did provide a kind of magical environment full of surprise and wonder. Certainly my young daughters loved it with squeals of laughter and surprise as they saw first one thing and another. It also led to all sorts of role play as they created stories and acted out all sorts of things using the surprises in the garden.
I have seen some great nursery school environments in different places around the world. This delightful scene was a good reminder that surprise, humour and playfulness are just so important in developing creativity in young people.


Anonymous said...

Someone told me about this site and said you were a friend of ranjit.
Anyone who chooses a name which is an anagram of 'large thong' cannot be serious. Right?
Come on tell us your true identity.

Gareth Long said...

Although not previously considered, I accept it is a burden I will have to carry with me as life moves on.