Thursday, 10 September 2009

Agile Learning and Meeting Spaces

Grandeur and formality - but not agility
Part of yesterday was spent taking part in a design/ideas workshop yesterday with friend and colleague Professor Stephen Heppell. It was held in just a fabulous meeting room... well in style and grandeur anyway. As a workshop area though the room was dominated by a massive table boardroom style layout which was not fab and implied instant formality.

Great for some meetings no doubt, but no chance of intimacy, real engagement and close communication - the layout was so wide. Inevitably, when the real work started, people wanted to move around, sketch on tablets, on paper over plans and have off line more informal conversations as ideas flew around and got developed. It would have been quite an ordeal to start rearranging the room.

It was really interesting to see the difference between broad agreements being made when around the table and more specific detailed decisions when standing around in small groups.

It really demonstrated, yet again, the importance of agility in furniture in our schools and workspaces - we just cannot over emphasise it!

Centre l and r: Professor Stephen Heppell and yours truely with colleagues


Anonymous said...

Any news on the agile learning spaces in Knowsly? The Learning Centres must be up and running by now.

Gareth Long said...

As I understand it, Balfour Beatty, the builders, have just handed over another three Centres for Learning, which I think means five are now operating or getting ready. the others are due by Christmas.

LC8, (Halewood) is the venue for BCSE's World Learning Environments Conference in November of this year. See (?) for more info.