Monday, 28 September 2009

Coaching, mentoring, personalisation

Keynote speaker at this years cepfpi conference was the fascinating and energetic Per Havgaard from Denmark.

Per focuses on projects where he makes learning a fun and challenging experience. He spent some time describing his Danish television project on the program 'PlanB'. This involved taking a group of 'failing' Grade 9 students who were about to drop out of the education system. He had three weeks to make a difference and, obviously, it worked).
Whilst the exact approach would not be replicable in big schools, there were many 'ingredients' that are applicable to all. Interest, personalised, relevance, supportive, aspirations, expectation, learning spaces that worked for each individual.
This specific programme was a mid week residential programme, but tough, including an hours exercise each morning, healthy meal every three hours, with fruit and water always available, minimum of 9 hours sleep and a hours rest in the afternoon and so on. (In just three weeks the young people changed and are now all in higher eduction following a variety of courses - something that previously would have been unthinkable to them, their teachers and families)
Per is now working in major companies and with students of all ages on a real approach to change based on research and understanding.
This was a riveting and very human presentation - it fully deserved the standing ovation he got from the massive audience. (

Hundreds of delegates from around the world

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