Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Give seventy architects....

Give seventy architects, designers, educators and more, a current school design, and ask them, in teams, to come up with some sensible cutting edge designs, 21st century agility and so on, allowing for everything we know that helps great education and guess what: an ideas storm commences!

Such was just one of the tasks at one of the seminars at the cefpi conference. Some massively respected brains and practitioners started working collaboratively on a load of designs. It was great fun and what happened of course, is that really high quality debate and interchange starts happening. It really was great fun.
A by-product, of course, is that the architects running the session have tons of ideas of what to do. Smart move really and very low cost- in fact - nothing!
Is that good business sense or what?
Lots of stunning ideas abound

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