Sunday, 13 September 2009

Learning environments have to be great....

I am fortunate enough to visit a large number of schools during the year. One I am working with now has space, lovely luscious fields and fab mature trees all round. Another, photographed above, has not a tree - and almost no grass, just a small patch - I mean almost nothing. As one walks out from school, all one sees is flats and other buildings crowding in on you. It is, frankly, very depressing indeed to witness.

All students, no matter where they live, have a right to high quality learning environments, where aspirations, hope and skill development are all possible. They deserve the best environment they can get, no matter where they are located.
I cannot count how many times I have heard people say the equivalent of "well, it was good enough for me" - that was xx decades ago. I must admit I am fed up of hearing them. Those people need to get real with the 21st century and young people of today. This just does not mean that it is good enough now, especially if we are really going to give every student equal chances, be truly inclusive and encourage the whole community to get engaged with life long learning. This is particularly true of those community members who have had bad experiences of schools.
Schools have to be different from the past - they have to be fit for purpose in a 21st century environment and they have to be as fab as they can be. Our young people deserve nothing less.

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I/ve not read your blog before... good photo, good comments. I will visit often.