Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Sharing expertise!

Visiting the wonderful people at Treloar School, (Alton, Hampshire), one of the biggest Special Needs residential and day schools very briefly for a meeting last week I was very impressed to visit their new outreach 'Trailblazer' vehicle.

This brand new mobile assessment unit will be visiting schools to assess students and identify their needs. It will also offer a range of therapy support.

Although when I visited it had not even started work it is already booked up for three months. This well equipped specialist vehicle is great but I suspect there is demand for more of them.

What is encouraging is to see this very specialist school sharing their expertise so more and more students can benefit. Although Treloar provides very specific services, there are a number of schools who could share a range of skills and opportunities. The more that do .... the better.

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