Monday, 28 September 2009

Size AND service

The Reception is huge...
I stay in a lot of hotels, but I am currently staying in probably the largest I have ever stayed in, with the number of rooms well into four figures. Everything is massive, reception, buildings, corridors and even the cars.
This hotel is used for everything from Presidential Inaugural Balls through to multiple simultaneous conferences. However, size has not affected service - it is just phenomenal. There are no lines, service is always immediate and very polite. It is a real lesson in demonstrating that size does not matter when it comes to quality of service.
I spoke to staff who had been there just a few weeks, and apart from occasionally getting lost (no surprise there -there are even four ballrooms), she noted that the training and expectations are massive, but they were always supported and helped to ensure that they learn, standards are achieved and they are valued.
I would just love UK students to have internships, work experience and so much more in such highly professional venues as this. Everyone has such a commitment to caring and ensuring everyone knows where they are going and have no issues. The vocational learning is massive.
I have been to the States lots and I love it. But when you experience the service reality - they really do get it right!
Two of four sides of just one building is huge
Another part of the hotel is huge
The corridor linking buildings is really long
and the cars are, obviously, massive


Anonymous said...

You are so right. The states is so american.

Gareth Long said...

Thanks - I read it again and realised that the line you refer to was bizarre - so have now changed it. I must proof read better.thanks for the post!