Monday, 28 September 2009

Virtual learning - real food

It's always fascinating when you get a group of people all sat round talking about one subject. Whilst here in Washington for the cepfi Conference I co-hosted and presented to a working think tank dinner on virtual learning a couple of nights ago. Organised by colleague Dr Frank Locker, with representatives from all over the States, Mexico, Canada and the UK the full range of virtual learning was covered.

The enthusiasm was infectious as we contemplated the impact of virtual learning on schools and colleges. We were talking before, during and after dinner and really did not want to stop.
The issues are the same, increasing opportunities, increasing impact, more personalised and maybe less need for being together. Subjects included, partial and fully online curriculum, the impact on the informal aspects of school, socialising, social skills, virtual environments, assessment strategies, use of sharing websites such as YouTube, futures thinking through to whether we needed to be building schools in the future, rather than other types of buildings. We also discussed the impact of ICT within the UK BSF programme.
Lots of people thinking, learning, sharing always creates a great atmosphere. Everyone wants to rerun this session next year and see how the thinking and reality has developed - one thing is certain - it will be different and just as much fun! (the food was fab as well)

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