Monday, 7 September 2009

Who needs comfort?

We spend a lot of time these days talking about agile and appropriate furniture, with a range of seating that allows multiple use with work chairs that are ergonomic suitable for growing young people.I was horrified to visit a school in London very recently with these really old fashioned metal and plastic 'church hall types' chairs.

I didn't actually realise that this design chair still existed in schools today. There is no pretence that comfort is an important factor here and no way that students would choose them for socialising on. They are horrible - a total nightmare!
Although it can be said that they do stack efficiently, this is not the first reason for having them.
It is entirely coincidental that my blog and that of Professor Stephen Heppell both focus on seating this week in different parts of the country. (To visit his blog, click here) It does demonstrate though that there is a great deal of work still to do in the whole area of educational FF&E (furniture, fixtures and equipment)!


Anonymous said...

Just bumped into this website. I have so much to say about the bouncy boingy chairs that we have just been given............ arrgghhetc .... will let you know in a few weeks about the success or failure of bouncy boingy how far can you push me chairs.
Keep smiling! Get pr......

Gareth Long said...

Thanks for posting.

There will always be those who 'experiment' with new furniture. However, in most school,s this dies away fairly quickly. Most students much prefer professional business style comfortable furniture to that which they had before.

Who wouldn't?