Sunday, 25 October 2009

Digital Pen....

I've enjoyed working with a new piece of technology recently. (Well - new to me that is!) Working with a digital pen has proved to be really useful and saved a great deal of time in recent meetings.

Many people do not like people typing notes in meetings - and unless one is very good, things do get missed. It can also be noisy and distracting.
With the pen remembering what I write visually via camera and, in some meetings recording the audio, has allowed me to ensure notes are accurate. Pressing the pen to any section of writing, in any order, provides instant playback of that section of meeting. By downloading some additional software it also quickly turns even my writing into text which I drop straight into a word document. (It even works with my writing).
It's clever stuff. Admittedly you have to use special paper which, fascinatingly has control commands printed on the bottom of each page, but replacement paper and refills are remarkably cheap. No more typing up notes from scratch at the end of a meeting. It is no wonder that students are quickly learning about them and buying them. Writing lecture notes and sharing them (as well as the actual lecture audio) has never been easier. The potential is very interesting.
I know that graphic tablets avoid the use of paper altogether - I used one for a long time - but it was all a bit more cumbersome and not really reliable. (It also did not record audio).
Pencasts join the world of pod and vod casts - you can literally hear somebody talk and the writing or diagrams appear on the screen as they go through it - really useful for complex explanations.
My pen is a Pulse smart pen by Livescribe complete with a 2Gb memory. I have no idea of its full potential yet, but the first impressions are really good. The number of people who have asked to see it in just a few days has really surprised me.
I'm really interested to see whether these 'take off' - right now I can't see why they wouldn't!

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Anonymous said...

I also have used a digital pen for some weeks. It has transformed my work. You are right - anyone who sees it wants one. Why wouldn't they?