Friday, 2 October 2009

Great designs work everywhere

During the cefpi conference I was really delighted to see that colleagues and friends at Fielding Nair International won an award for their new school design in Indonesia. They also entered fantastic designs for schools in Australia and America which won considerable praise and comment.

The designs reflect agility and the careful imaginative use of space that they are known for all over the world. Their entries did, I'm afraid to say, leave some of the other entrants so far behind it was unbelievable. This is not just my view - a large group of us were tasked during one seminar to rank the whole design exhibition in terms of designs features to encourage learning rather than to simply fulfill organisational conveniences.
We did this prior to the exhibition judging was announced so did not know the result. In our six informal seminar groups, three awarded the FNI Indonesia Project top grades, whilst two other groups chose the FNI Australia project. Only one group chose another design from the many other entries. I think that says something really!
For more on FNI's innovative work, check out their website. Click here.
Friend and colleague Randy Fielding, Chairman of Fielding Nair International, testing out a range of SIS's 'FatBoy' soft seating (which is incredibly comfortable!)

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