Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Heavy plant operator?

Vocational training for heavy machinery - several real seats complete with full controls were installed in a school engineering department I visited recently.

The Phelps High School in Washington DC with an engineering focus had several control seats from caterpillar machinery linked to simulator modules, allowing students, staff and the community to train / practice on real controls. The screen provided the opportunity to allow operators to see what they were doing.
Clearly there was considerable interest amongst students, but it also provides relevant vocational training (and updating) for adults in the community. How sensible - adults and students sharing resources - it is obvious isn't it!
This is a fab resource - not one I've seen in the UK - yet. I'm sure it will not be long however in our engineering schools, if we really liaise with our industry partners..... and if we're smart!
If there is a schools with simulators for vocational training - do send a picture and let me know! I am happy to be proved wrong.

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