Friday, 30 October 2009

Home work? Just YouTube it

The best quote I've heard recently was whilst I visited an education technology lesson in Adlai Stevenson High School. The teacher was asking students to share their project work, which was based on making a film in a specific style.
One student volunteered. The teacher queried whether she had received it. The student noted that she had and followed up by saying - "anyway- just YouTube it!", which she promptly did and then played it for the class. It's a nice little video demonstrating a range of understanding and skills.
This student had not only sent his homework in, and volunteered to show it to the class - he had already shared it with the world. Students are often proud of their work - they are sharing, celebrating and promoting their own skills and talents. Broadcast technology is now something everyone can do - at any time from anywhere. No one really needs specialist equipment and people do have the skills.
This explains why 20 hours of film is uploaded to YouTube every minute. There is no doubt that increasing numbers of students will want to share their work in this way - and why not? But how many teachers right now would accept work submitted this way? Not enough I suspect!
To see the project in question 'Get an American Girlfriend' - click here

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