Friday, 16 October 2009

Sculpture - lets have more

Walking along Euston Road in London this week I could not help but notice the installation of what appears to be a new sculpture. Although hard to see through all the framework, scaffolding, cranes, trucks and bodies it attracted a large crowd of onlookers.

Even in this state people were commenting very positively about how colourful and eye catching it was. It appears to be 'just' a series of squares of glass set in a spiral, but the colours are truly eye catching. (Just is in no way intended to minimise the sculpture).
Onlookers were also commenting about the effort and complexity of installing it (and cost) and that they had not really thought about that aspect of sculpture installation.
I love seeing art and sculpture in apparently 'random' places - it brings an element of surprise and fun. I really believe that we should see sculpture everywhere, in the street, buildings and of course schools.
I have written on this before, but in schools, having a mixture of student generated work, and professional work created in school, helped and observed by students adds a new dimension to the learning environment. I have brought in an 'artist in residence' in several schools to produce a sculpture with students. Each time it has engaged them and brought strengths out in students often in surprising (and previously unknown) ways. I also think we could also be celebrating student sculptures in the wider community much more however.
The finished sculpture in the photo? - I'll post the photo next time I pass it.

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