Friday, 30 October 2009

Transparency on show

In Chicago as speaker at a school design summit, it was fun to see the CBS weather report being live broadcast from the studio on a street corner last night as I walked past. With a massive outside TV screen directly above the window looking into the studio, the 'magic' of green screen technology was clearly visible. Television studios in the States have had this link with their viewers and passing public for years - but it's not so everywhere. I'm not really sure why.

The transparency agenda is getting everywhere and so it should. How they make the local news and weather stories is not a secret.. The secrets of daily programme making are debunked as people can see and feel the connection within their immediate community.
This also translates into schools - parents and the community really should know more about how schools work and fully understand their role in the development of opportunities for their young people. It is getting better though - this increasing transparency will really help develop that understanding - and about time.

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