Wednesday, 4 November 2009

21st Century learning and working kit

Sorting out my work case the other day, I was just amazed how much 'kit' I regularly walk around with! Laptop, camera, (usually a smaller one than the one shown), remote control for when I am presenting, mouse, digital pen, memory sticks, headsets, two blackberry's (don't ask why two), iTouch and a whole mass of cables, power cords and so on.....

It may seem a lot, but then I remember when I used to go to work in school, or attend meetings with piles of paper, files and other 'stuff' all of which was 'essential', despite my best efforts at minimalism supported by a very efficient PA.
The power contained in the kit above really does mean that I can work anywhere, write the blog, take photos and so on. The phone has a camera, so I don't really need to take a separate one, but the panoramic feature on my small camera is very useful at times.
Would I swap it for a good old pen and paper? No way, life really has moved on.

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