Monday, 30 November 2009

Learning through film making.....

Seems to be a video theme recently, but I recently took part in a team video project to get a number of key messages across in a 30 second silent movie.

Seven people, 30 seconds, only 20 minutes filming time (plus editing and words), and a series of messages, takes some planning, organising and prioritising. We did speculate whether, as adults, we were being too precious about it and trying to be too clever to be effective. As can probably be predicted we took a sensible, planned and fairly literal interpretation to the task - although we did use lots of humour (well we laughed).

This was a big challenge - we did take it seriously and were quite pleased with the result (considering!). We did tackle the main points we wanted. Importantly though, it was a different form of working and not only did we try - we also had massive fun doing it. Everyone contributed, got involved and was really engaged.

Learning is about engagement, and wanting to be part of it...... we were lucky to have a film crew, but equally the same could have been done with mobile technology.....

But what would students have done? Undoubtedly they would have been more creative, spontaneous and probably used a variety of media, music, graphics to illustrate the messages. Actually, from experience, they would almost certainly have been better.

More and more video is a key part of coursework - but still too many teachers don't use it or accept it - why not?

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