Thursday, 31 December 2009

Cameras and mobile phones

Was this the thickest washing line in town last week?
I was asked recently why I always carry a camera around with me... I rarely leave the house without one. There are several reasons, but mainly I never know what sights I am going to see on my travels. There are too many times in the past when I used to wish that I had a camera on me for some particular spontaneous reason.

Another reason is that not only do I want to be able to capture any scene I want immediately, but also, of course, I always want to be able to post at least one photograph per blog post. Sometimes, the photograph inspires the post, sometimes I want a photo to illustrate a point. The photograph above is of a washing line - not exciting, not educational, but I have never seen so much ice and snow gather on a rope after just a few hours.

I guess a better question would be why take a camera out when my phone has a camera built into it? I think once I am convinced about the quality and adaptablilty of the shots I can take with my particular phone (or until I get a new one), I may not need to. Certainly a huge number of people are always seen taking photos with their phones..

Several schools now routinely expect students to take photographs of projects, experiments, work etc on their phone. and then send to to their worksites to drop into reports, written work and write-ups. It does make sense doesn't it. So why are so many schools fughting a potentially losing battle in trying to ban phones? That is the one piece of kit that students will never forget!

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