Friday, 18 December 2009

Ice Sculpture

I often mention my love of sculpture in public places, but as I walked through St Pancras station yesterday, it was an ice sculpture that caught not only my eye, but that of many other people. Ice sculptures are not new by any means, but this was particularly large and eye catching being made out of 60 pieces of ice. The ever changing coloured lights also helped make it even more dramatic.

It certainly did draw attention to a young peoples charity, so many people read the notices and took photographs - as did I of course. It was great, unusual and just a really interesting feature that enhanced the environment - just fab really.
(I did vaguely wonder if you could do ice sculpture in schools as part of an exam course - but there is probably a myriad of health and safety rules preventing it.)
The advantage of doing it in December was that it was so cold (one of the coldest days of the year) that it will remain there much longer than normal! ( and yes it really was freezing!!

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