Monday, 21 December 2009

Learning around the world....

The snow is still here and I am lucky to be working from home today... but the learning never stops. Taking a part in a webex to Australia with the very talented Annalise of the Fielding Nair Team, I ended up learning even more about their EFEI (Educational Facilities Evaluation Instrument) software package.

It really did make me think - I was in my office at home, Annalise was half way round the world also at home, I was looking at her desktop on my screen, and we worked really hard. This common technology has been here for ages but the increasing reliability and access for all home and work users really does change how people function. We also used SKYPE to connect up and chat..... How would we have done this joint working ten years or more ago?
It's easy, it's fun, it's very effective - and SKYPE of course is free. I've used it for years around the world. Whilst I have been into a number of schools that talk about using it with their foreign links - I have found very few that use it in practice.
I am sure that it is the way forward as more and more global issues get addressed in schools. As schools IT systems get increasingly robust and reliable, hopefully we will see more and more use of this type of working in creating online global learning communities. Why wouldn't we?

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