Friday, 18 December 2009

Sharing knowledge

I often post photographs of the radical new Centres for Learning in Knowlsey and praise their really innovative designs, new approaches to FF&E and so on.

Developing strategies for working in very new and innovative spaces does take time. Preparation and understanding of designed spaces is key, as is working with colleagues to identify strategies and protocols for effective working.
Working with Professor Stephen Heppell this week in Knowsley, in a meeting of teachers, a wide ranging discussion outlined ideas, experiences, strategies, concerns and crucially the successes as people adapt to new type spaces, especiall the new technology / science areas.
What is evident, and what is happening more and more, is the absolute need to share ideas, strategies and approaches that work. This sharing between professionals needs to be instant - not through a meetings months apart - no one has time for that. Equally no person, department or school need to feel alone any more. This is where technology comes in with blogs, Facebook pages or other approaches. With the stresses of teaching in some very challenging schools, moving into new spaces, plus Ofsted, exam pressures and everything else - it is not easy - the ability to share, suggest and support really can help.
As in every school I have been to, there some very positive staff who are really are determined to utilise the full potential of new spaces and are equally happy to share with their colleagues what they are doing, what is working and what they would do differently next time. This is how it has always been. What is certain is the learning journey continues and will never end....

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Anonymous said...

Really pleased to see that you still take time to talk and work with 'real' teachers and can hear what really happens in schools. It is so important that you keep doing this.