Monday, 21 December 2009

Snow and Schools don't mix..

I must admit that seeing the snow on Friday morning as I travelled to the station did remind me of days as a secondary headteacher. Staff will always allege that lots of things affect students, rain, strong wind, a full moon and, inevitably, snow being the worst. Even now I always think of staff when these things occur.

We are so unused to snow (in the south of the UK anyway) and it causes such chaos to people even getting to school, my focus was then keeping students in the building and hopefully working... I was lucky - my fab staff always worked as a team - even if they did not always agree with my hard line 'no one outside' approach!!!
I miss many aspects of working in schools - leading a UK school in the snow is not one of them! I was really thinking of staff on Friday - especially as, for many, it was the last day of term! Perhaps most students stayed away?

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