Sunday, 24 January 2010

Art work - well she's only 3!

Even my youngest daughter is excited by the computers around the house and is always trying to use the technology - and why not. Yes we have had the unintended emergency services phone call from a Blackberry, but it was a learning curve (that has NOT been repeated)!

The exciting opportunities to find a range of software that appeals to both 3 and 4 years olds and provides all sorts of feeling of achievement is enormous fun and a real family activity. I love it. (Needless to say my somewhat older daughter knows her way around and teaches me...)
The image above was using a paint package - it's not a Picasso but it does signify progress and control and excitement (for my 3 year old - not me!). Her future is going to be really supported by technology - why not start early if they are excited about it! I just don't agree with those that say we should avoid very young people using ICT. Why would we - it's just about balance surely?


Anonymous said...

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Gareth Long said...

Thanks for reading and for leaving the comment. G