Monday, 11 January 2010

Be Very Afraid 6.....

The 'Be Very Afraid' exhibition was open today as part of the Learning and Technology World Forum. This annual event is a celebration of young people using technology to enhance their learning. This year, as ever, it was attended by many hundred people from literally, all over the world and included video crews from dozens of countries.

As ever, students demonstrated some fab ideas and were passionate about the use of technology. There were many good ideas and really reinforced the thinking that, really, our young people are very clear about how they like to work and how they learn.
If we really do ask them, they could contribute so much. This exhibition would worry a number of teachers, but for many, it reinforces the fact that creating a learning partnership with students is such a good idea!
Students inerviewing Professor Stephen Heppell
Students from the Harris Academy, Crystal Palace being interviewed by education facilities planner Frank Locker from the USA
Students at Loughborough College being interviewed by a Chinese Television crew

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