Sunday, 17 January 2010

BETT - 21st century teaching and learning (Professor Heppell)

BETT - the worlds largest education technology show is just a fab way to see all the future technologies being produced to support 21st century education systems. It is also a chance to hear a range of professional speaking on everything from special needs, maths, and display screens to the future of technology in schools. It is just such an impressive event and yet again this year colleagues from overseas, including the states, wee blown away by the scale of it.
However not everyone yet, even now, links their technologies to the pedagogical approaches which, of course would give it even more relevance. I'm not sure why they don't really and not just want to talk about how kit works.
There were, of course, also opportunities to hear and speak to those visionaries who are very clear and the future of education, the direction we all all need to travel in and implications for curriculum, spaces, technologies and approaches.
Probably the most influential speaker was Professor Stephen Heppell. Regular readers of this blog know that he is a good friend of mine and we are involved in several projects together. So rather than just repeat his insightful words here, the BBC published a pretty good summary of his comments so to read the full story click here. It is worth reading...

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