Sunday, 17 January 2010

BETT Show - new technologies for all

BETT is so large it's really impossible to photograph
The BETT show, the largest educational technology show in the world, continues to surprise me - there is just so much stuff and so many good ideas! One aspect which is always interesting is the blend of large and small companies. With attendees from all over the world there is just so much potential to share good practice and ideas..
The opportunities to clarify thinking regarding the use of technologies to support curriculum, pedagogies and visions are everywhere as well as opportunities to explore ideas...
BETT is just so large it is impossible to explain, describe or photograph - everyone who has never been before is so surprised by its size..... but everyone keeps returning year on year.. It's hard not to - the changes and technologies are just happening so fast. Google attended this year for the first time, sponsoring Prof. Stephen Heppell's stand - the interest and crowds were amazing, to the extent that security was needed to control crowds, but those that made it learnt loads about the opportunities that Google apps provided.... it's what it's all about!
Interactive plasma screens attracted loads of attention
Teachers TV interviewing Professor Stephen Heppell
The best give away of the day - branded ice scrapers - the snow started that morning - they were flying off the displays faster than anything else


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