Thursday, 14 January 2010

Education - it's a small small world..

from l - r: Dr Eva Dakichm, Mr Rohit Chaudary and Professor Nicola Yelland
As part of the LATWF I spent time on a couple of days talking with internationally renowned Professor of Education and author, Nicola Yelland, who is normally based in the Victoria University in Melbourne, but currently on attachment as Professor in the Hong Kong Institute of Education. She is just fab, smart, witty, outspoken - just great fun to be with.
As we spoke we were just commenting on how much our vision and theory of education matched during our conversations - we were on very similar lines so often. Eventually we started back tracking to the start of our careers and discovered that not only did we go to the same university, we were there at the same time but didn't know each other - it's so weird!
It was, of course also a massive opportunity to network and make friends with fellow professionals. It was a privilege to also meet Dr Eva Dakich, Lecturer and Researcher in the School of Education in Victoria University, Melbourne and Mr Rohit Chaudhary, Director of the BrainTree Global School in Nagar, India.
No matter where I have been, both here and abroad, I quickly find someone who has a direct link to me or my education life somehow... talk about six degrees of separation. And that's why I always try to get on with people. Education really is an incredibly small world - no matter where you are, you will always come into contact with people who know you, your schools or people you work with! It's one of the reasons that education is such a great field to work in.

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