Monday, 11 January 2010

The Learning and Technology World Forum

The packed audience has seen the opening video two and a half times now - where are they?
They've now arrived - from left to right: Lord Mandelson, Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, Stephen Crowne, Chief Executive of Becta and speaking; Schools Secretary, Ed Balls
I was pleased to be attend the invitation only Learning and Technology World Forum which started today. The event is being attended by 750 people, including 75 Ministers for Education, representing 100 countries and responsible for the education of over one billion children (75%) of the world's young people. For more info click here.
The opening, if slightly wonky, with the same opening video played two and half times to an empty stage, was certainly high profile with Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Schools Secretary and Lord Mandelson all attending. I think this was the highest profile opening since the event started. It was also a day of policy announcements. The PM talked about his wish for every home to be a broadband household, and announced the extension of the home access scheme. Lord Mandelson announced the launch on 'On-line basics'. He also announced that “The United Kingdom sells more brainpower per capita than any other country in the world" I'm not sure how he measured this but apparently we plan to do even more using technology in the near future!
All this before the key note speakers... and presentations by Teachers of the Year : Dan Lea of the UK, Anthony Mullen of the USA and Moliehi Sekese from Lesotho. All did fab, very different, presentations.
All the speakers were interesting but this first session was very long (two and half hour) on really not very comfortable seats..... how often do we talk about the importance of FF&E? More than one delegate was heard to talk about 'perch rot' - the mind boggles really!
Prime Minister Gordon Brown
Lord Mandelson speaking

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