Friday, 8 January 2010

New website

It had to be done.... my home grown d.i.y. website was never really what I wanted and I kept putting off doing anything about it. The time has come - a new year and the new updated website is now live.

I did, of course, take advice and I was delighted to be able to go back to my long time colleagues at the fabulous Grebot Donnelly Associates. I've known them since they started, in fact I hosted their first office in one of my schools.
This amazing, small, but growing, company really does know how to work with schools on all sorts of fronts: communication, marketing, changing community perceptions, the list goes on. Working with Academies, the Specialist Schools Trust and a host of authorities and schools, people are now recognising that we do have to treat ALL aspects of education as a professional business, including the look, the ethos, public perception and so much more. This company is one of the UK leaders in this area. Why use them? Surely our students deserve nothing less.
( I hope you like the new website as well! To see it either follow the links on the page or click here!

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