Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Snow at the start of term... Ouch!

The rather 'Lowry like' view from my hotel room in Manchester
I have rarely been so cold as this week standing on a number of stations in just dreadful conditions. However the much maligned trains have been really reliable. Yesterday in the north, and even today in Manchester as I started to return south, everything else stopped - planes, trams, buses, cars abandoned, roads blocked.., but the good old trains kept battling on, on time (well for me at least).

Unfortunately, it also meant that hundreds of schools started their term by closing after just one day.... whilst I am sure most students were very happy, it never is a good way to start the term... and it looks as though several will be shut for days!
Lots of decisions for Heads, lots of over excited students, lots of stress for parents... not a brill start to the new year really for lots of people... but it will get better of course.
Have a great year everyone.
(There may even be some cancelled days for consultants - now that really is ouch!)

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