Wednesday, 13 January 2010

There must be a better way.....

Photographers waiting for hours on end for just one shot
The Learning and Technology World Forum has been taking place in the same venue as the Iraq Enquiry - the QEII Conference Centre in Westminster. Apart from almost being flattened (literally) by paparazzi as I entered, (well I didn't know that Alistair Campbell was just behind me as we entered the building), I watched them at different stages of the day during intervals in the conference sessions.

Camera crews and photographers waited outside the Conference Centre for Mr Campbell to exit. He was there for over six hours... I just started thinking that in this day of ultra modern technology, having numerous entire TV crews, including high profile name such as Adam Boulton of Sky News, and dozens of photographers standing there all day, waiting for him to exit was such a waste of time. There must be a better way than wait all this time for one photograph in a ten second window of time... how is this an effective use of resources?
Mind you, I also think that there are better ways to protest these days as well, than the man and his plackard that also stood there all day in the freezing cold. I'm quite sure that our students would have some really good and effective ideas on both counts.
Kit just waiting
Just some of the REALLY expensive kit just waiting
Standing for hours to express a view

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