Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Yuck - not all train travel is good

I travel loads on trains all over the UK, every week - most of those I travel in are truly fab, quiet and quick, with good service, food and cleanliness. (I particularly like the Virgin Pendalinos which I occasionally take). Others are not like that unfortunately.

Recently I travelled on a small local train (read old, crowded, noisy and dirty) out of Manchester en route to Blackburn. Not a pleasurable experience for any of us. Presumably most of the people on the train had to suffer it each day. Dirty, damaged, grafitti'd and with gum of elderly vintage on most surfaces. It was, frankly, disgusting! (and no there was no first class)
Everyone working in schools know that any of these things have to be rectified instantly. Good quality clean environments are largely looked after by young people because they feel valued. But dirt breeds dirt, grafitti breeds and damage encourages further damage. Not good really.
No maintenance had taken place on this carriage for ages - that was obvious, but in the 21st century with a high service culture, this should just not happen. It was just revolting!!
Anyone reading this, or those who know me well, will realise that I try very hard indeed NOT to catch trains like this! I don't like it.... but why should anyone have to put up with it?

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