Friday, 26 February 2010

Building the best schools - are we?

It was very interesting attending a seminar at the BSEC conference this week and watching a panel of good and important people fielding questions from Conference Chair: Prof. Stephen Heppell and members of the audience about BSF and it's future.

The questions were varied but included: 'Are we now building the best schools in the world?' (answer: they are better than what was there and very definitely rapidly getting better as we continue to learn), whether the whole assessment model is going to change? (it jolly well should!! - although some were very cagey on this), through to aren't primaries the poor relation in the whole capital programme?' - well yes they are and probably in at least some places justified in feeling aggrieved!
I was also not surprised to hear a representative talk about the real shortage of support for authorities for 'transformation'.. haven't lots of us been saying that for ages?
Normally I don't think panels really work at Conferences, but this one was at least moderately interesting.

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