Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The Language of School Design... revised

For some time now I have had and used the revised version of 'The Language of School Design" by Prakash Nair, Randy Fielding and the late Jeff Lackney for Fielding Nair International (FNI). Of the many places I go and work in, it's influence is incredibly obvious, ranging from the vocabulary through to the ideas.

For all those engaged with 21st century school design it is a very important book. The first edition explored 25 design patterns, this second edition describes far more at 28.
Another interesting aspect is its global coverage - FNI are working in over twenty countries all over the world, and the list is growing. - the sharing of ideas and global best practice is going to result in fab learning environments all over the place. It can only be good if lessons learnt are shared and there is some consistency about the language of learning.
It is of course also linked to the fabulous DesignShare website, also sponsored by FNI, which shares great designs, articles, research and lessons learnt from around the world.
I am really pleased to be a senior consultant for FNI and friends with both Prakash and Randy. Irrespective of this this book really is a very influential and accessible resource for everyone. I do recommend it.

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