Monday, 15 March 2010

Colour and materials

Last week I visited the very cool guys at River Media offices in the converted Tea Factory in Liverpool. What really struck me on arrival, is the fantastic job that had been done in the conversion process of the stairs and circulation areas of the building. There really was a great use and combination of materials and colour; red, orange, with steel and glass for stairs and bridges. This immediately gave the impression of modern, trendy and sophisticated.

There is clear evidence that colour and light can positively impact the learning process, it really IS important. Still many schools use one 'corporation colour', largely because of ease of 'patching up' and economy of mass purchase of one colour paint.
However, staff and students that I speak to do want business quality environments that use colour and materials well, and DON'T appear as simply functional utilitarian spaces. They understand it makes a difference and makes it appealing for all users. However, it is not a priority for many decision makers. it is an interesting balance to get right.

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