Monday, 8 March 2010

creative, innovative, supported projects

Project work / homework: invent a game and then make it...

My daughter's school, following the principle of 'own work', is keen on setting projects for pupils to undertake at home. The parents role is to facilitate (and that means NOT do!) and support...
What we all know is that if pupils are excited by ideas, or see the relevance of work, they are likely to go for it and be very engaged in their learning. The climax of this project was a games afternoon with everyone, including parents, playing everyone game.
Now I know that she's my daughter but this task really inspired her - she spent hours /days on it. I was really impressed by her commitment and creativity in the game she made. Especially the variety of styles and media she used. As an adult I almost certainly would have adopted one style and one set of materials.... here, she created from coloured paper, cardboard, tissue paper, paints, pens, words, and intricate detailed drawings of flowers, houses etc...
The final product is really good - we've all played it - (several times!!). The final games afternoon (and celebration) was fab. I suspect a few games had considerable parental input... but if so - what a shame! Children do get such a sense of achievement from doing it themselves, even if some one is watching them and encouraging them.
So, what do we have:
  • individual project work
  • engaging
  • relevant
  • motivating
  • challenging
  • encouraging and demonstrating creativity
  • individuality
  • following set guidelines and
  • getting involvement and feedback, from peers and teachers on how to make it better
  • parental involvement during and at end of the process
It's not bad really, although I do just wonder why more teachers, in all age ranges, don't do more lessons using these pedagogies !! It's almost like we begin to 'de-skill' our students as they get older, and we limit the ways that we expect them to work, especially in some secondary schools.
To end - I have to say my daughter did really well - after all she is only four!

The finish!

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Anonymous said...

actually I think part of it is parents working together with their child