Thursday, 25 March 2010

Instant decisions..

Watching people this week was really interesting! During a total signal meltdown on all trains north from Euston, (Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham etc), advice was being given that as it was going to be very major and long delay of many hours, we should be flexible, change stations and get a train north. For me, this meant going to Manchester via Sheffield - hardly direct! This involved making weighing up the information and making an instant decision.
However, whilst lots did change station, including me, most people seemed to ignore this advice assuming that all would be fixed in the near future. It was really a case of staying in one place and the status quo will return ... if we wait long enough! This was at about 3.30p.m.
My two hour journey became 4 hours plus... but I and fellow passengers were pleased we had changed ... I even had a seat all the way. As we arrived in Manchester at 8.15 other passengers who had done the same as me were talking to colleagues on the phone who had decided to stay put at Euston - they were still there! Comments included the fact that they always waited when there was a problem - it would be fixed at some stage and they were not moving. This sentiment is true it really does not show flexibility, adaptability or a willingness to try something else. Nor did it get them to their destination for a very long time.
What happens if this is the approach taken by those influencing education - lets all just stay as we are, even if it is not working, and eventually we will be doing what we always do.... nothing would ever change, even if doing something differently was sensible.... Bizarre really!


Anonymous said...

I don't get it. What are you saying?

Gareth Long said...

Really just saying - there are two approaches: a) be decisive, flexible and possibly take risks, or b) stand and hope that the status quo will remain / return. To many people hope the latter will be the case for education - it can't be so!