Thursday, 11 March 2010

People DO look at digital signage...

Lots of people building new schools talk about digital signage to promote the work of students, to give information and directions. Mainly they are talking about plasma screens or word displays giving messages.

I am a fan of video walls that really make a statement - people do look at them. Inside, if placed in central areas or dining spaces they become a real focal point, if visible from outside schools, parents and the community can really get to know what is happening inside and we can really celebrate learning and the work of students through these interactive displays.
Standing at Kings Cross railway station recently, I just looked at the number of people watching the news on the giant video wall there..... almost everyone looked at least at the main stories...
Those against these displays talk about power usage (a good point) and the problem of maintaining it. Simple answer - get the students trained and get them to do it - they would love it!
Whilst watching it, an advert for the Cayman Islands appeared - as one of my previous homes I am still very attached to it (and in this weather really miss the sun and the beach!!).
I looked at it - so did many others - they seem to make a lot of sense really.

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