Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Edge Foundation - online debate

For those that missed it, Edge Foundation organised a live 'online' education debate recently with Sir Mike Tomlinson. Whilst I missed this due to work commitments, it is on You Tube (of course) and well worth watching. Interestingly, the reaction of various political parties (including the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats) can be found as further video clips on the same page.

Edge Foundation are really trying to push the bar on increasing awareness of the appropriateness of types of education. I have written about them before - they were, of course, behind the excellent film; We Are The People We’ve Been Waiting For’, which as was inspired and guided by Lord Puttnam and Sir Michael Barber.
They're busy folks but ones to watch right now as education enters a very very interesting time. On YouTube alone they have numerous videos posted covering all sorts of education issues related to young people and their learning interests, but especially about practical and vocational education.
On their website today is a new video featuring young people talking about education and the election. It's not just something just to watch, you can comment as well.When I looked 15,627 already had. They have some powerful messages, more people need to hear them!

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