Friday, 23 April 2010

Eggy reputation

I'm not sure how many people knew about Cornwall College before this week, but an egg throwing student has changed all that. One student, one stupid event and all the national (and a lot of international) media are talking about it - for all the wrong reasons.
The Principal, staff and most students work really hard to ensure their school or college has a good reputation - it 's hard to get and hard to maintain. (Believe me I know). I must admit I feel a bit sorry for them because this incident will stick around for a while by association. Unfortunately gossip or incidents like this hang around disproportionately. How long will people say 'Cornwall College - oh that's where behaviour ..... you can finish the sentence". It's not fair on all the other students who got it right!
As for the student, his name was also in most press. Cornwall is a small place, with a long memory. I just wonder if he has also affected his employment chances, at least with some companies. Would you employ him?


Mo the Cockerel said...

We have already offered the boy a job and some training. He hasnt yet replied to it though. It was as target in the Egg Throwing with Accuracy game at the World Egg Throwing Championships on June 27th. Details here

Gareth Long said...

Oh well I stand corrected (I guess).